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VJMU \ Brekkie Car Club Vehicle Submission


  • After you submit a photo you will be contacted with final registration info

  • Registration fees must be paid in order to successfully register for event.

  • If the event fees are not paid your car will be removed from submission. 

Space will be very limited for this event. Spots will be split between the JDM cars and the Euro cars. Cutoff year for both JDM and Euro vehicles is 1985. Registration for vehicle after 1985 will not be accepted unless it has been approved by the event hosts. Prior to registration we are asking everyone to submit a photo of their vehicle, along with some information. This will be used for staging and selection purposes. Instructions for submittal are listed below.


  • Fill out the form

  • Submit ONE (1) photo of your car (please submit a landscape portrait of your vehicl

  • Keep Photo sizes under 15MB 


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